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    Capital Efficiency

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    truly integrated ALM, ERM and SAA platform

  • Turnkey solutions
    and a proven track record

About Agam?

Powered by pALM

Agam was founded in 2016 by Avi Katz and Chak Raghunathan with the vision to create a cutting edge differentiated analytical platform. The execution towards this vision continued with the development of pALM, Agam’s proprietary asset and liability management (ALM) system. Offering the only end-to-end enterprise wide risk and capital analytic solution, Agam empowers strategic decision makers towards their capital optimization goals. With a fully embedded dynamic strategic asset allocation (SAA) and enterprise risk management (ERM) infrastructure, pALM supports Agam’s ability to offer one stop, turnkey insurance solutions.

Agam’s team of experts have a global reach with offices in the USA, Canada, Bermuda and India. In addition, Agam ISAC Bermuda, which offers a comprehensive suite of operational, management and governance services to Bermuda based reinsurers, is fully licensed as a Class E insurer by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA).


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Introducing pALM

Cloud-native platform


The only end-to-end enterprise wide analytical platform in the life and retirement market. The pALM platform offers a uniquely holistic view of capital usage across the enterprise, with a strong emphasis on risk management, governance and controls. It has been widely validated and accepted by external parties and regulators.

The platform design drives superior analytical outcomes which enhance decision making processes and widens the path of strategic possibility. The pALM system also powers Agam's unique operating model which provides a turnkey reinsurance management solution.


What Agam Does?

Why We’re Different

  • Enhance capital efficiency

  • Holistically manage enterprise wide risk

  • Integrate complex asset analytics

  • Supports multiple jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks

  • Dynamic SAA develops and accelerates organic growth strategies

  • Provides tangible insights towards strategic capital and business optimization

  • Offers turnkey solutions for execution

How We Do It?

  • Merge asset, liability and capital modeling onto one common platform

  • Develop a unique lens of capital usage and risk allocation across the enterprise

  • Ensure efficient strategic engagement with a focus on actionable deliverables and ease of execution

  • Provide fully documented process for model design, development, validation and application

  • Foundationally support capital solutions, investor engagement and a complete suite of due diligence

  • $250B in insurance liabilities analyzed to date